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About LearningByPlay

About LearningByPlay

LearningByPlay is a company that makes applications with a goal to teach children to read. We provide instructive, humorous and stimulating reading tasks for children from 1-10

The team and the history behind

The team and the history behind

The women behind LearningByPlay are ordinary mothers with school-age children who just want to make a difference in the world. We have a desire that our children should do well in life

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  ReadingKidz is the first app in a series with reading apps for children who can teach very young children to read. This is the first step with words the child knows most in their everyday life.

Mikkel learned to read with the whole language method

Mikkel learned to read with the whole language method

Mikkel has developed above average by being presented with the written language “We have taught our son using the whole language method, with great results. We used cards on which we wrote words because an app like ReadingKidz did not exist at the...

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Did you know that:

flueben The whole language method provides fast children a large vocabulary
flueben Early reading has a significant positive effect on children's cognitive development
flueben Children can develop above average with the whole language method
flueben Children who read early will also start earlier to write
flueben Your child can learn to read already from about 1 year of age
flueben Reading stimulates vision, hearing, understanding, concentration and learning
flueben With the whole language method both halves of the brain are used
flueben One can learn to read much faster with the whole language method
flueben You can decide that your child gets the best possible reading conditions
flueben When you have acquired knowledge, it is much easier to acquire more knowledge
flueben ReadingKidz makes reading natural and fun
flueben ReadingKidz will be developed in 4 apps with 4 difficulty levels
flueben Find ReadingKidz in the App Store
flueben Do you want the full benefit of ReadingKidz, it only costs 35 DKR