Om LearningByPlay
LearningByPlay is a company that makes applications with a goal to teach children to read. We provide instructive, humorous and stimulating reading tasks for children from 1-10

years of age. The tasks are mainly based on teaching and motivating children from 1-6 years of age to read words, but older children can also have the benefit of LearningByPlay. Furthermore, adults may utilize LearningByPlay if they want to learn another language. The tasks in the application increase children’s vocabulary and reading skills. We appeal to both the auditory and visual senses to stimulate a child’s reading interest.

LearningByPlay is based on the theory that young children aged 1-6 years of age can learn to read just as easily as they learn to speak. The earlier they learn to read, the better with proper instruction and motivation. Reading stimulates vision, concentration and overall learning ability, but it will also stimulate audiitory and comprehension skills. One receives the most benefit from a learning task if children and parents read and play together with LearningByPlay.

We want the children to get an experience of having fun with learning before they start school. Children love to learn, and we think that we as parents must support our children’s eagerness to learn and give them the best possible platform to learn. We received our inspiration from countries where children learn to read very early.

Some children leave school without being able to attent a higher education
because of poor reading skills.

Education today is more challenging academically than it was before, and there are good reasons to prepare your child early. The sooner the child learns to read the easier the child can learn other skills later.

What is the benefit from Readingkidz
Readingkidz gives your child the opportunity to play with words and expand their knowledge. You can read, spell and match words and pictures. The purpose with Readingkidz is that you do not need to read words to get benefit from this. A voice that speaks the words, therefore it is possible only to listen and view words and pictures. Both small children, the deaf, dyslexics, and others with reading difficulties may benefit and increase their reading skills by using Readingkidz.