Inspirationen bag
The inspiration for LearningByPlay comes from several sources. First and foremost one of the women has a handicapped son, which is the reason we were inspired to make LearningByPlay to teach children to read at an early age. We also received inspiration from some great books that makes us think about how the world is today and what challenges our children will face. In particular, three scientists have given inspiration to this app: 
Kjeld Kjertmann, Ragnhild Söderberg and Glenn Doman.

Kjeld Kjertmann
Kjeld Kjertmann has a PhD, and is a former lecturer in Danish language and reading at the Danish University of Education. He is a researcher in reading and lecturer in children’s early reading acquisition. He has written the book: “Reading Acquisition is not only a matter for the school” (translated into English). For many years he worked on spreading knowledge about how children can learn to read in a comfortable and natural way before the school’s formal reading instruction. He highlights the benefits of letting children learn the written language with their parents or close adults and on their own terms.

Ragnhild Söderbergh
Ragnhild Söderbergh is a Swedish professor, who has written the book: ” Reading writing speaking – the child conquer the language”(translated into English). It’s about how even very young children can learn to read and write. According to the renowned linguist, very small children can learn the written language in togetherness and interaction with reading and writing with people. Söderbergh tells in the book how she has taught young children to read. Among other things she tells how she presents the children for a word card with near and dear words. The child learns to recognize word-pictures, and by building up a stock of word pictures the child eventually breaks the alphabetic code.

Glenn Doman
Glenn Doman, who recently passed away, was a trained physiotherapist at the University of Pennsylvania in 1940, and founded in 1955 Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (The Institutes). He has studied for several years in brain development and is the author of the most widely read books about the brain’s potential. He has written the book: “How to teach your baby to read” where he described the methods to teach young children to read. He has worked with children for over 50 years and had a lot of success stories with children who have learned to read early – indeed many brain-injured children are taught to read by his method.

The world is changing
Developments in the world require that you are good at reading . Almost every industry today requires that employees can read. Many cannot get an education, if they cannot read.

Even industries that have not previously required academic skills now require good reading and writing skills. It is no longer enough to show that you are good with your hands. For example carpenter, bricklayer and electrician training require strong academic skills in reading, writing and mathematics.

Everything is done on the computer today, for example knowledge, learning, banking and more. There will be more and more self-service and it requires that you can read. It is a requirement to be able to read and write.

International studies have shown that
“academic skills” are important for success in the labor market.

In the last few years there has been a significant change of attitude. Researchers in early reading, whom are also parents, have begun to spread the message that preschoolers can easily learn to read, and they have told others about their great results to give motivation to other parents.

We have also had great pleasure sharing these reading methods with our own children and we hope that you will also do the same.

Britta og Gitte

1) Kjertmann, Kjeld (2002a):
Læsetilegnelse – ikke kun en sag for skolen. København, Alinea, ISBN: 9788723012418.
Kjeld Kjertmann is a PhD and a former lecturer in Danish language and reading at the Danish University of Education. He is a researcher in reading and lecturer in children’s early reading acquisition.

2) Söderberg, Ragnhild (2011):
Læse skrive tale – barnet erobrer sproget. Akademisk forlag, ISBN: 9788750042105.
Ragnhild Söderbergh was a professor of children’s language by the Swedish universities Samma University from 1976-1983 and Lund University from 1983 to 1998. She has mainly researched different aspects of children’s language, including on children’s language development and reading learning.