Mikkel has developed above average by being presented with the written language

“We have taught our son using the whole language method, with great results.
We used cards on which we wrote words because an app like ReadingKidz did not exist at the time.
Our son had a birth injury 
and had not the same assumptions from the beginningas so many other children.
When he was 1 1/2 years, we started to show him picture cards every day and said the word at the same time.
After seeing the same word / picture 25 times, it is “stored” in the brain, which will benefit the day you have to read in school. Then we showed him the image first and then the word, while we said it out loud.
When he began talking he 
repeated the words that he could recognize and quickly gained a large vocabulary.
We have 
also shown him the word cards 25 times per word. We have done exercises where he match word cards to the picture with great success.
When our son was about three years, we began to read easy homemade books in large types, with something related to his life.
Today 5 years old he is a normal boy with the same opportunities as his peers.
Early reading has had a decisive effect on his cognitive development. His language and vocabulary is above average.
This is certainly because he has been presented for the whole language method, which is a great way to teach children to read.
So this method is highly recommended. 
If we have had access to an app like ReadingKidz we could avoid making all these words and picture cards ourselves.”

Greeting Lisbeth Friis Thielsen