Lær dit barn at læse
– read also outside ReadingKidz


  • Select a book or a page in a book that you and your child really like to read and have read many times. It is best if there are big letters in the book.
  • Select some key words in the book and write them on some cards (carton 5×15 cm).
  • Show the cards to the child and then ask the child to find the same word in the book.

Memory game:

  • Write some cards with anything you have at home, which the child knows well. You can also choose your family members. Example: mom, dad, chair, table, TV…
  • Take pictures of the people and things that you have chosen to write on the cards
  • Print out the pictures and make cards that have the same size. Make it all in heavy cardboard or laminate the cards.
  • You can now play memory game with the cards. Your child will love to turn the cards with pictures and words which shows for example mom, dad, doll, teddy bear, toys and more.

House game:

  • Write cards with different things in the house (5 x 15 cm).
  • Put the cards on the selected items (start with no more than 5 cards).
  • When you have practiced a while on reading the cards, you’ll remove them again.
  • Place them on the table with the word down and let the child choose a card.
  • Now the child must put the right card on the right things.