The team and the history behind
The women behind LearningByPlay are ordinary mothers with school-age children who just want to make a difference in the world. We have a desire that our children should do well in life

and we want to share our experience with others.

We wanted to find a way where we could help our children to learn to read in a proper and enjoyable way..

From studying a lot about this early reading topic, we have clearly changed our attitudes about early reading capabilities of children. In fact, we have found out that researchers believe that children can learn to read just as easy as they can learn talk. In fact, children find it easier to learn the spoken language when they are also being presented with the written language. We found out that young children will have better potential for learning to read through the “whole language” theory, which assumes that you are working with the whole word as an image.

We want our children to think it is fun to read, so that this joy will follow them when they start school. Therefore, we created our applications to have a way where we could help our children to get a proper and enjoyable experience with reading. Today it is essential for a child to be able to read and understand the written words in our society to succeed.

This app is designed to help children to learn to read early and make it easier for them to start school.